Savvy lawyers know that digital marketing is essential for attracting new clients, expanding the reach of their practice, and relieving the marketing burden from staff. But how do you know if you have the right digital agency for your law firm? Finding a dependable, capable and creative agency for your law firm can feel daunting.

Lorrie Thomas Ross, CEO at Web Marketing Therapy, authored the article, “How to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency for Your Law Firm” for Attorney at Work. In the article she details strategy for lawyers in their search for a digital marketing agency that accommodates the distinctive needs of the law profession, the array of practice areas, and the fast-paced demands of public relations.

“Marketing firms, like law firms, vary widely in expertise, capabilities and strategic vision.”

Lorrie explains that shopping around can be a great starting point for law firms on the hunt for a great digital marketing agency. While agencies with experience working in the legal industry present many advantages, she says it is important to not limit yourself to agencies that only work with law firms. Companies that serve a range of industries will have a broader scope of experience which can fuel creativity, provide insight, and offer unique perspectives.

The available scope of services is not the only consideration a law firm should make in its search. Lorrie advises that a holistic search approach will yield the best possible partnership. Evaluating an agency’s core values, selecting a pricing structure that best aligns with your firm’s goals and objectives, and setting clear expectations are just as essential.

To learn more specifics on how to choose a marketing agency that will fit your law firm’s digital marketing needs, what questions to ask an agency, and how to identify an agency’s capabilities, commitment, and focus, read Lorrie’s article in full.