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Educational Videos

Watch videos from our founder Lorrie Thomas Ross, to make your marketing matter.

5 Factors Video

The Five Factors for Marketing Success

Learn the factors of marketing success that, when working together, make your marketing click.

Retreat Video

Transformational Marketing Retreats

We host 1-1 and group retreats for intentional female entrepreneurs who are ready to transform themselves, their marketing and their work.


markeding® - Marketing with an Educational Focus

The true academic meaning of marketing is maximizing exchanges. When you replace exchanges with relationships you create markeding®.

Content Marketing Video

Content Marketing That Converts

The key to creating content that converts is to serve vs, sell. Make your content engaging, unique to you and your business, and something that will stand out amid all the other noise online.

Marketing Isn't Working Video

The Real Reason Why Your Marketing Isn't Working

Do you ever feel like your marketing isn’t working no matter how hard you try? Marketing information overwhelm happens to the best of us.

SEO Video

Optimize Your Search Engine Marketing

In this video, Lorrie breaks down Search Engine Marketing and shares the three things to focus on for optimization.

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Subscribe for free doses of healthy Web Marketing Therapy® advice on our Healthy Marketing Advice blog. We share digital marketing tips, social media marketing advice and even bust out marketing "tough love" to support you with ways to brand, build and boost business. Healthy Marketing = Wealthy Organizations® Learn, apply, optimize and embrace the wild, wild web.

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