Meet the Web Marketing Therapy Team!

Lorrie Thomas Ross MA 240x290

Lorrie Thomas Ross, MA

CEO and The Marketing Therapist®

Web Marketing Therapy’s fearless leader founded this company with a simple mission: to get great organizations on the right path to success. Making Small Businesses BIG with the Web® is her passion. READ MORE »


Anne Orfila

Web Marketing Content Strategist

Anne is all about people and connecting. She loves to connect the right audience with the right business in order to facilitate the healthy and organic growth of the organization. READ MORE »


Wil Thomas

Lead Web Programmer, Designer

As one of the few non-estrogen producing members of the team, Wil (that's with one "L" – he’s not a verb!) has, so far, successfully avoided having to show up to company meetings in a skirt and pair of Manolo Blahniks. READ MORE »


Katherine L. Garcia

Online & Personal Marketing Specialist

Katherine’s passion for helping individuals and brands achieve online success is contagious. She supports and advises brands in all areas of web marketing from strategy to training to content management. READ MORE »


Jenn Marston

Resident Word Doctor

At Web Marketing Therapy, she helps clients tell their own stories — not through tired buzzwords but with thoughtful, unique details and narratives that truly highlight why and how they stand out in any given market or industry. READ MORE »


Cinder Thomas

Web Design Assistant

Cinder Thomas is a recent graduate of California State University Northridge with a degree in Graphic Design and is the Web Design Assistant at Web Marketing Therapy®, Inc. READ MORE »


Rachel Barfield, MA

Business Operations & Marketing Support

She has a master’s degree in psychology and a bachelor’s in criminal justice. There is an art and science to marketing and Rachel’s marketing support roles ensure no stone goes unturned. READ MORE »


Samantha Neff

Marketing Manager, Director of Education

Samantha has a degree in Sociology with a minor in Professional Education and currently helps support clients’ social media and blog content. READ MORE »