Samantha Neff

Marketing Manager, Director of Education

Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.

Samantha NeffSamantha Neff has a passion for building relationships, leadership, education and organization. She is an extrovert that has always been drawn to helping others. She loves how in the web marketing world there is still a sense of intimacy while being able to reach a larger audience. She currently manages clients’ web marketing including blog content, videos, social media accounts, design, PR, email marketing, and website updates.

Samantha was an educator for 20 years, from Ohio to San Francisco to Florida, ending in an Assistant Principal role in Jacksonville, Florida. Her background as a teacher and administrator has contributed to her organizational skills as well as her ability to create strong relationships with clients and colleagues.

Samantha loves spending time with her family, friends and boyfriend. She enjoys meeting new people and making new connections. She learns best from doing and she learns more every day working with the Web Marketing Therapy Team!

  • Diagnosis: Perfectionist working on living the Zen life
  • Addictions: Family, great food and wine, dark chocolate or sour gummies (depending on my mood), classic rock, girlfriend time, pilates
  • Obsessions: My nieces and nephews, Reality TV, Trader Joe’s, organic food, did I already mention dark chocolate?
  • Phobias: Running out of chocolate, writing about myself;)
  • Compulsive Behaviors: Organizing everything all the time, color coordinating my closet, checking on my plants
  • Self-medicates with: Naps, bike rides, dancing and singing, being goofy, nature, meditation, dessert, wine