As digital industries constantly change through improved technology, it is part of our mission to continually adapt our skills, optimize our service, and increase our professional understanding of the industry to best serve our clients.

Web Marketing Therapy is certified through the Mailchimp Foundations Certification program.

Mailchimp, an all-in-one automated marketing platform designed to help organizations reach their target audiences through well-developed marketing campaigns, has become recognized as one of the most proficient email marketing tools available. Our credential provides us with the knowledge to better utilize Mailchimp’s many features to help grow brands through digital information organization and sharing. Automated messenger services, email campaigns, and mailing list management are among the smart, sustainable services that expand your reach to new audiences and attract new customers while allowing you to center your energy where it matters most.

The Foundations program consists of a series of courses and exams through Mailchimp Academy that educates teams on a variety of topics from general marketing skills to generating Mailchimp APIs and provides a deeper understanding of Mailchimp’s applied functionality.

In an expanding digital age, email marketing remains one of the most consistent marketing strategies with 99% of all email users checking their inbox at least once daily. Data continues to show that all generations of professionals seek email as the most preferred and personal form of communication between themselves and brands.

Web Marketing Therapy offers our clients a comprehensive approach to email marketing while utilizing the unique solutions-centered approach of our agency to foster successful marketing options tailored to the needs of your audience.