You can be the best product or service provider, but if nobody knows about you or your business, what’s the point?

Search engine marketing is one of the many pieces of your digital marketing puzzle that you can optimize to grow your visibility which supports sellability. There are 3 main areas to focus on for search engine optimization: Architecture, Content and Linking. In this video, Lorrie Thomas Ross, WMT’s CEO, shares what to focus on.

Architecture is best defined as the structure of your website. This includes your site’s coding, how easy is it for search engines to read your site, and if your site is fast, responsive (even more specifically, mobile-friendly). This also includes your meta titles and meta descriptions – critical to set for each page. Having thoughtful meta titles and descriptions can help people find each page specifically better. This leads to the next point, which is content.

Content –the saying content is king doesn’t even scratch the surface, content is the whole kingdom when it comes to your digital marketing and search engine optimization. Write content for your audience first and the search engines second, but be mindful of keywords and phrases that describe what you do. Also, posting frequently with search-rich content can help search engines frequently reading your site. We find blogs can be both the social media and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) piece of your puzzle. If you frequently blog, that content becomes additional pages on your website, which gives search engines more to feed on. The last piece of the puzzle is linking.

Linking -links back to your website on high-trafficked, quality websites support your SEO, but you also have an opportunity within your own website content to create internal links. This can be done by creating a new post that links back to other posts on your site which is further supporting your search engine optimization. These links not only support your visibility but also improve your usability because it’s helping people navigate various areas of your website.

Another piece of the puzzle you can take advantage of if you are a geographically based business is Google My Business, which is a free program offered by Google. It allows you to list your business/claim your business, add pictures to make your page more visible, and list your geographic location.

Lastly, Google Ads is a pay-to-play way to have your ads appear on keywords and phrases. You can target by location or by phrase. Placement is a combination of how much you are willing to spend per click, how many people click on your ad, and Google factoring in the quality of your landing page. If you do decide to buy Google Ads, we suggest you watch tutorials or ask for help from an expert.

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