Fellow social media marketers – and anyone else who manages marketing work in Facebook – this blog post is for you!

We manage content marketing for many of our clients, which means we are posting a ton to social media accounts, including Facebook, which means I may be logging in more than once a day to boost a post, respond to an inquiry, or create a post on behalf of someone else. However, as soon as I log on, I’m bombarded with a newsfeed full of posts and photos from the people that I like the most (thanks to the Facebook algorithms, the posts I see are the ones I’m most likely to engage in) which is a major distraction!

Ten minutes later, I find myself viewing photos of a high school friend’s new baby or participating in a discussion about best places to visit in my town, instead of doing my work. Looking at my Facebook news feed is a slippery slope – and a time waster – especially when work awaits!

However, someone recently told me about a Facebook news feed eradicator that turns off your news feed and replaces it with a quote.

Two things to note:

1.) It’s only available on Chrome.

2.) It also works for Twitter!

Here’s what it looks like – and this quote is so appropriate for this blog post!

How to Turn Off Your Facebook News Feed

Get the News Feed Eradicator for Facebook here.