Team WMT has been heads down making sure our client’s web, email and social media communications are keeping their audiences informed and educated in these challenging times. Although we support clients large and small, across a breadth and depth of industries, in dozens of states, their commonality is they have not made marketing challenging in spite of challenging times.

Marketing means maximizing relationships.
Remember that marketing in challenging times does not equate to challenging marketing!

Staying connected with customers (marketing communications) in a helpful, positive, meaningful way is the #1 best practice organizations need to be focusing on right now. As companies and customers are shifting to more web-based work due to physical distancing (I refuse to use “social distancing” since you can still be social despite physical distance!), staying connected with positive, relevant and useful content that keeps you in contact is key.

No matter what, DO NOT exploit the virus as a reason to market. The number of companies who jumped on the email bandwagon trying to get in front of audiences in a non-meaningful way using the virus as a focus will leave negative impression. I am also advising clients to not use COVID-19 or Coronavirus in their email subject lines unless they are in the medical profession. It’s ok to use it in the email message or in blog posts or social media posts if it’s truly relevant, but don’t abuse this awful time to try to get heard in all this noise.

Be well, stay well and remember to market well too!

If you are feeling any stress and need any support, I am happy to do any complimentary calls.