I need to get something straight: blogging is not dead.

Yes, it is easier for audiences to take in information via podcasts or video and people aren’t following blogs with the same fervor they do on Instagram, but this does not mean you should neglect your blog.

Look at your blogs as the nucleus of your social media marketing – your blog posts serve as the backbone of your social media content. Treating a blog post like a standalone piece of content that only lives on your website won’t generate the kind of awareness you need to keep a brand alive. It’s critical to understand that your blog is the core for social media posts to start from, the foundation on which all other types of content stand.

Here are a few more reasons for embracing your blog in 2020 and beyond:

Instagram is not for long-form content.
One of my marketing pet peeves is seeing people post lengthy blocks of text on Instagram. By design, social media platforms are meant for quick announcements and updates, not thought leadership. This is true for most any social media platforms (LinkedIn being the exception in certain cases where you can publish long posts there) and especially so for a visually focused site like Instagram.

Instead of dropping a lengthy post there, put it on your own blog, then glean pieces of the text for use on social media platforms. For example, use text from an especially good quote or thought in the post to make a compelling graphic for Instagram. You could also simply Tweet the text out or post it to your Facebook feed. You’d be amazed at how many of these short, simple posts you can get from the text of a single blog post.

Which leads me to my next point . . .

Your blog posts are your best multi-taskers.
I teach this to clients and event attendees often. Gone are the days when a blog post was simply a blog post. Now, they can form your social media posts, be repurposed as scripts for videos (or be a place where you embed videos), and form the inspiration for in-person talks at events.

They can even help you behind the scenes with your business. So many times I get asked a question or share a great tool or tip with a client, then I can email a link to a blog post that reinforces that message. It’s so valuable to have blog posts that outline valuable information. Instead of spending 20 minutes crafting an email, you can invite the client to read your post. I have had countless productive discussions with clients that were born out of my sending them a link to a blog post. As an added bonus, you get more eyes on your long-form work.

Like a good stock, small, quality content investments to the blog over time build and compound into a robust library you can post and repost over and over again, across many platforms.

Blogging builds credibility.
Like I said above, digital marketing and content creation spaces are saturated today. It’s hard to stand out from the masses, harder still to convince people you know what you’re talking about.

Credibility is about getting people to know, like, and trust your brand. Your photos, images, social media profiles all play a role here. The key to building credibility is being able to tell your story, and blogging is still the most relevant place to do that. You get more space to execute your thoughts, and blog posts are an ideal place to let your authentic voice take a starring role. When people can sense that voice, as well as the human being behind it, they are more likely to gravitate towards your brand.

Blogging Recap

  • Blogs are where the bulk of your social media posts will stem from
  • Blog posts that are helpful, informative, and thoughtful can be shared on all platforms
  • Blog content is indexed by search engines, thus boosting search visibility
  • Great blog content boosts your business’ credibility

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