Whether you have a website, need a website, or are refreshing or redoing your website, the “What must my website have?” question is likely to emerge.

There are healthy website must-haves. And no matter how experienced, inexperienced, hands-on or hands-off you are with website management, there are best practices that can be put in place to make a bigger marketing impact.

The American Council on Exercise (ACE), the leading nonprofit organization certifying health coaches and exercise professionals, wrote an article outlining the top website must-haves, interviewing web design professionals to get their expert advice.

Wil Thomas, lead web programmer and designer for Web Marketing Therapy, Inc. kicks off the thought-leadership in this article saying,

“A great website marries the art of design and the science of programming with the heart and soul of a company’s purpose. On a website, an easy, effortless user experience is essential. Upon a website visit, users are more likely to scan—in a matter of seconds—before they drill in and read in depth.”

The article gives great tips to make any website happier and healthier.

“A website is not something you spend money on, it’s a scalable investment.”

We particularly love Wil’s “always start small and expand” advice which can help take the stress and overwhelm out of any website development process and agree with his reminder to “just make sure you start with a solid foundation that includes best practices.”

Read the full article here.