In a world ruled by instant gratification, everchanging social media platforms, and complex search engine optimization, navigating digital marketing can feel like you’ve been sucked helplessly into a tornado.

There is no point spinning for minimal results. If marketing feels icky, yucky, stressful, overwhelming, underwhelming, or fruitless, then it’s time to hit the pause button.

Marketing is about building relationships with ideal clients.

Take a moment and think about the ideal relationships in your personal life. Partners, friends, family, loved ones. Most of the relationships you love the most feel easy, right? If someone is looking for love, acting frantic, frazzled, pushy, in-your-face, or annoying, they aren’t going to be successful (or if they are, that relationship is likely on a path to disaster).

The same goes for your marketing approach.

It’s time to take a calm approach to marketing.

Stop thinking about marketing as the ads, social media posts, email blasts, site visits, or pages on your website for a minute. Instead, look at ways to calmly deliver the best quality information in a clear manner that creates a seamless experience for your clients or customers to come to you.

At Web Marketing Therapy, we believe that healthy, meaningful marketing is developed through happy, healthy, meaningful relationships. Our team utilizes therapeutic marketing strategies to help our clients learn, grow, and achieve their goals via our simple diagnose, prescribe, and guide approach. Our five-factor marketing success approach is holistic, putting the marketing pieces together so work clicks. We are known to stage interventions and dish out tough love when we see our clients being a danger to themselves and others marketing-wise, but that is because we care deeply about seeing our clients invest (not mindlessly spend) so they have the best tools to attract clients for years to come.

Here are some simple steps to take a calm marketing approach:

  • Take the Time to Understand
    Understanding how something works is the first step to taking a calmer approach to marketing. At WMT, we emphasize educating our clients on various marketing solutions (pros and cons) so they are empowered to make more informed decisions, leading to lasting results. Pro tip: If you start to feel the stress bug taking over, use the “Help me understand ____” question. This wording is non-combative, humble, and it allows a healthy conversation that will lead to understanding.
  • Slow Down, Prioritize
    Quick and dirty is always quick when you are managing marketing, but 9/10 times, you will end up dirty. Focus on quality over quantity. Success does not lie in posting 5 times a week on social media. It’s not about replying fast to an email with typos, but taking the time to be clear and collected with your communications. It’s all about marketing that matters. Start by understanding what’s working, identify areas where you can improve, and identify need-to-haves to tackle first, then layer on nice-to-haves.
  • Be Proactive with Marketing, Organize, and Systematize
    Marketing feels so much more relaxing when it’s conducted in a non-reactive way. Don’t wait to do marketing, organize what will happen, when, and by whom so wheels stay in motion and there is bandwidth to be ready for things that pop up. Developing proactive plans and ensuring that you are taking steps in the right direction is key. Taking the initiative to plan for challenges can also help create a non-reactive marketing culture. Procedures are essential in navigating complex projects as a team and provide built-in opportunities for quality control and editing.

Why spin in a marketing victim tornado when you take a calm, happy, healthy, and wealthy approach and have better results?

Take a step back from your marketing today and ask yourself if your approach to growth is calm and effective or frantic and stressful. If the latter, it may be time to shift your marketing mindset, implement some of the above strategies, and find your marketing happy place.

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