In an increasingly digital world, brands and companies must remember to not lose sight of human connection. I see too many times professionals in industries that handle people’s interactions (like marketing, PR, and communications) relying on faceless emails and drop folders. We cannot drift away from connecting with each other!

As the pandemic normalized work-from-home culture, some companies struggled to reconstruct their identities to maintain a connection through remote work and some saw it as an incredible opportunity, adopting 21st-century skills while maintaining the heart of human connection!

From its start, Web Marketing Therapy has thrived on a unique team dynamic that assembled professionals from all over the country in a remote work environment. We have never had offices! Maintaining connectivity through team building, virtual parties, chat, phone calls and non-work central emails is a major component of what makes WMT a successful, functional, and positive “workplace.”

Extending our practice of connectivity to our clients creates open and inviting pathways to communication. We thrive on being able to deliver clear, concise, and educational information in a direct manner that creates ease and understanding for the individuals, teams, and companies we work with.

And we recognize great human-centric communication when we see it.EReleases welcome email

While wrapping up a press release project for a client, one of our WMT team members received an unexpected email from eReleases, the press release company she had been working with – a group photo of the actual team of people who made her project complete, and a personalized message with a spot of humor. She immediately forwarded it to the rest of the team to share the wit and personalization that brightened her day.

Humanizing digital communication takes a certain level of effort that enables an outsider to experience the everyday culture of a company.

eReleases was able to share the sentiment of “we work hard, we have fun, and we make our clients happy.” Founded by Mickie Kennedy, eReleases aims to give small businesses access to the same media and national newswire as large PR firms at a fractional price point. They thrive on maintaining a culture of exceptional personal service, a value that is clear from the quality of resources our team received.

ereleases pr package

Amid the digital cloud of work, emails, and project tasks, receiving such a personal touch is a refreshing break from the norm.

WMT looks forward to building our professional relationship with eReleases – another team that “gets it” – what it means to be client-centric and web-savvy, without compromising connection.