It is not enough for brands to talk about the nuances of the solutions they provide or why they’re better than others in the marketplace.

Value propositioning or directly stating “why we’re better” is white noise to consumers.

To win customer mindshare, loyalty and dollars, you have to connect on an emotional level. The best brands know this well and use it to influence what we buy.

If sales are stale, or you’re struggling to stand out, consider building your marketing strategies on one of the most powerful human emotions: positivity.

Why positivity?

People who make an effort to be more positive have better health, more success, increased problem-solving skills, happier relationships and less stress. Don’t believe me? Google “stats on the power of positivity.” Here is one of my favorite articles on positivity to get you started.

Also, a physical result of a positive experience — smiling — is proven to make you feel better, elevate your mood and relax you. Give those same good vibes to your clients by projecting positivity in your imagery, tone and everything you touch. Fun fact, I have known entrepreneurs who have kept mirrors at their desk to remember to smile while on phone calls. Even if you are not seen, the power of a positive smile comes through!

Check your tone

How you communicate in email, voice mails and digital channels matters. Positive tone elicits a positive reaction.

Is it effective? Absolutely. Is it easy to do? Yes—ish…you need to make a commitment to caring, doing and sticking with it. Like learning any new habit, it takes work and consistency. I often read emails out loud before I send them, especially if they are tough messages to deliver, as my sass and matter-of-fact-ness can come across the wrong way. And at WMT, we often lean on each other to read emails before they are sent to a client to double-check tone.

Speak positively and lead with confidence. That’s what your clients need from their marketing agency. Following through reminds them why they picked you.

Bring the feels to your content

With a commitment to a brighter tone, the next step is to make sure your site and other channels you use to promote your brand and reach customers matches.

Project positivity by highlighting positive customer stories and feedback. Doing good for the community? Talk about that, too. Find the good in what you do and translate into what you put online.

All of these things add up to your brand being positioned from a place of strength and a trusted partner, which makes a lasting impression among clients and for attracting talent.

Success comes in CANs

Success is about CAN- do’s, not CAN’T do-s. Yes, problems arise, identify them, then look at what you CAN do. When talking to customers, talking about what you can do for them, how you can solve their problems and the value you bring to the table is all positivity power.

As the owner of an agency, I am quick to identify consulting AND insulting. When our clients are pitched by “insultants,” I am quick to call it. If you want someone who will crap all over you and your company and leave a mess, get a seagull….it will be cheaper! Be on the lookout for people who don’t talk enough about what’s possible, make you or your team feel bad or slam competitors. Not positive!

Be a partner and a solution provider.

Fake positive versus reality

Despite the popular LEGO song, everything isn’t always awesome. You can be honest and positive with clients at the same time, even when communicating tough news.

“This is not working, here is what we can change” can still get tough news across in a positive/proactive way. You’re more likely to identify solutions from things that are producing results than items that aren’t. But no matter what, don’t be fake.

Your customers trust you to solve a problem if/when they have them. They don’t have to like what you say, but when you lead with confidence and honesty, they will respect it.

So the next time you feel yourself getting all fake-sunny days to mask gloomy news, remember to be realistic.

Honesty is the best policy

When relationships, referrals and online reviews are make or break for business, be true to your brand in what you promise your clients.

We’re all consumers first and we can sniff out brands who are sus. Same with clients — and they will put you on blast when they do.

Be true to yourself and your capabilities, and you’ll leave clients with a positive, lasting impression.