In a world of digital marketing and virtual business, sometimes the thought of having business cards might feel a bit old-school and low-tech.

Our digital marketing obsessed team still believes that having an on-brand and on-purpose business card on hand when asked can be that “firm handshake” is a marketing must to make a positive impression.

...And you never want to be empty-handed if someone asks for a card in a professional setting.

While we are known as digital marketing optimizers at Web Marketing Therapy, we actually do quite a bit of branding work that is not just for web... like logos, letterhead, PowerPoints, and business cards. We are advocates for professional business card design and we use sites like Vistaprint, Canva, and Moo for formatting and printing.

Here are a few helpful tips for on-brand and on-purpose business cards that make sure they make the mark:

  • Make sure the business card font is readable (not too small, not too floofy).
  • Make sure it’s on-brand. Hiring a professional designer is a worthwhile investment.
  • Include contact information, but the way you prefer to be contacted. (If you want people off your cell, don't have it on the card!)

Never pass up the opportunity to make a positive marketing impression.

Below are two fun and very different on-brand business card design examples...don't forget to design the front AND the back!

WMT Business Card

Everett Business Card