Have you ever been driving, out on a walk or working away and come up with a great idea for a blog post, but when you get in front of your computer to write a post, it takes a long time to compose?

Or, you get distracted and never get back to it

Or, you just never get around to writing?

It’s OK! You aren’t alone!

Believe me….I’m there all the time!

One of the most common questions we get is “how do I consistently create great blog posts?

The answer (and secret) is you don’t!

Most people who write great blog posts (or any social media posts) don’t do it alone.

Fun fact: The majority of our clients find it’s the most helpful, stress-free, and fun (yes…fun!) if they talk and have someone else type. They love seeing their ideas come to life and doing light editing and not having to own the task of writing, researching or having the distraction from work.

Why sit in front of a computer and stare at a blank screen (or just feel bad you never get around to it) when you can have support to ignite and help drive the creative process?

Life is too short (or worse…it might be realllllly reallllly long!) to fill it with stress. CHILL.


There are great copywriters, virtual assistants, content marketers, copy editors and marketing professionals who can help do a lot of the heavy lifting so you can do what you do best and know others are helping you do the rest.

Keep asking great marketing questions! I am here to answer away!

Virtual Marketing Hugs,


The Marketing Therapist®