Marketing can feel like a thankless job at times, especially digital marketing efforts. In this fast-paced web world, it’s important to remember that quality digital marketing efforts require time to include best practices.

It was only a little over 20 years ago when the internet became accessible to the public. When web marketing emerged, it was often frowned upon by more traditional marketers, mostly because it was so new and not understood. 20+ years later, digital marketing has become arguably the strongest force in the marketing sphere. It’s faster, cheaper and more measurable than other mediums, but because of the ease of launching and adapting, is often underappreciated and under-respected.

Quality digital marketing work takes longer than you think!

Let’s take blogging for example. It sounds pretty easy – all you need to do is write some text and post it, right?

Well, not quite.

There are a lot of different things one has to think about when drafting a post. Excluding the content itself, what are you going to be tagging the post with? What categories does the post fall under? What photo will be appropriate to select as the featured image? How do you work within the SEO package to make sure that your post is most likely to be clicked on?

With Instagram, you’d need to follow some similar steps: making sure you’ve sourced the right images, use the right fonts/colors/hashtags/etc., use a site like Canva to help streamline your ability to create great posts.

The same goes for Twitter: make sure your content fits within 180 (or 240, for the lucky ones!) characters, use the right hashtags, tag the right people, schedule your tweets via Hootsuite… the list goes on and on.

Email marketing – copywriting, picking the right subject line, sourcing the right images, testing it, editing it again, tweaking, retesting….

Doing digital marketing the RIGHT way takes a long time, and a lot of focus and patience.

That’s part of the work we love to do – being detail divas, and taking our time to create perfected finished products. Without taking the time to properly follow all of the steps above, you aren’t taking advantage of the resources you have in order to ensure that your post will be the best it can possibly be.

It would be like buying a Porsche but never taking it anywhere where its power can be utilized; it’s wasteful!

For that reason, don’t be afraid to take your time on any efforts – quality over quantity.

Unlike sales where everything is tied to direct money, the things we do aren’t JUST social posts or JUST revamped websites.

The value goes beyond just money, and that’s what we’re so passionate about the digital marketing work we do at WMT!