When treading in uncertain times, know that does not mean that your marketing should also be uncertain. This post is a reminder to pause, breathe and think.

It’s all about marketing that matters, and right now, that means being sensitive, helpful and caring. To make your marketing count – and standout – consider following these tips:

Craft your marketing message CAREfully.
When the pandemic started, almost every email I have received from companies that I’ve interacted with, past and present, mentioned COVID-19 or Coronavirus and what they are doing to implement health and safety within their workplace for their employees and their customers. These emails, while educational are not necessary for all businesses to send. (Besides, I would like to assume that all companies are doing everything they can to keep their employees and customers healthy and safe.) It is okay to send out a message that does not address the current pandemic as long as it is pertinent to what will help your customers – and it will probably be a welcome respite from all the other messages. Remember to keep it positive and on-brand too.

Serve up a solution to stay connected.
Whether you are planning to send out a newsletter or post on your blog and/or social media, offering your customers solutions is another way to stand out and stay connected. One of our clients – a spa – is temporarily closed but still finding ways to serve their clients’ needs, to the best of their ability during this time. They are selling skincare products via phone or email which will be shipped to clients with careful precautions. They are also offering virtual consultations for those who may be interested in trying new skincare products. In addition to this, they are re-using marketing materials on the blog and/or social media such as “Before and After” photos of treatments and videos showing services being performed because both are great ways to keep up interest in their services.

Check your scheduled marketing posts.
If you use a tool like Hootsuite to schedule posts on social media platforms, take some time to do a healthy marketing check-in to review what your upcoming posts contain. Two months ago we had no idea that we would all be indoors and isolating from others so if you scheduled a post that talks about going to the gym or the movies or catering a wedding, remove it or reschedule it.

Avoid profiteering. 
This is the biggest tip of the post. At all costs, do no be tempted to make a quick buck off the needs of others. If your company does not usually sell toilet paper, hand sanitizer or face masks, please do not start, especially if you are marking up prices to make a profit.

The takeaway. 
Keep your marketing mindful and meaningful during this time so your business will emerge healthy and on track when this ends.