Do you ever wonder why professionals who have the same expertise you do are more recognized, quoted, and referred to? In a world full of experts, being an authority is key to elevating your career. There’s a lot of buzz about using social media, creating content, and collaborating online to build your personal brand, but success starts with knowing deep-dive strategies (real-deal action items) that you can do to start momentum.

Lorrie Thomas Ross is speaking for C200 on April 8th at 3pm EST on this subject. The session will be moderated by C200 C-Ahead Program alum, Chloe Barzey, Global Transformation Advisor | Atlanta Office Managing Director – Accenture. C200 is a powerful community of the most successful women in business, representing companies with more than $1.4 trillion in combined revenue and employing more than 2.5 million people.

All members, guests, prospects, Protégés, and C-Ahead participants are welcome.

To learn more about the event, click here.

Lorrie will be teaching:

  • Immediate first steps to set the foundation to establishing an authority status
  • Simple steps that you can do to create compelling content that is meaningful and matters
  • Free web technologies that can help you get on the fast-track to elevating your status
  • Ways to keep your efforts consistent to scale your career

About Lorrie Thomas Ross: 

Lorrie Thomas Ross, MA aka The Marketing Therapist, has worked with thought leaders for over a decade, putting practices in place to help them brand, build and boost business, leveraging their expertise to help them grow their authority status to reach career goals. Lorrie is a marketing advisor, and educator. She is the CEO of Web Marketing Therapy Inc., a marketing agency that diagnoses, prescribes, and guides healthy, sustainable marketing solutions.