Each year, like clockwork, we receive a call from our doctor reminding us to schedule an annual checkup. It’s routine and sometimes tedious, but we know it’s to be proactive about our health.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t be checking up on the health of your marketing!

Before jumping ahead to your next big marketing move, take the time to conduct a marketing checkup. Similar to our personal health, issues can pop up along the way, goals might change and reflections can generate some good ah-ha’s.

A marketing wellness check helps you be proactive and create a strong foundation to grow your brand.

Lorrie Thomas Ross, Web Marketing Therapy’s CEO, was interviewed by The Tilt in an article titled “It’s Time for an Easy General Marketing Checkup.” Speaking to the digital entrepreneurs out there, Lorrie shares her entrepreneurial wellness checklist, also known as Lorrie’s five factors for marketing success.

  1. Credibility
  2. Usability
  3. Visibility
  4. Sellability
  5. Scalability

Carving out time on your calendar to conduct a wellness marketing checkup is just as important as a physical one. While it may feel like a heavy lift, the key is to just get started. As Lorrie says, “Small steps compound over time to make a big difference.”

Learn more about conducting a checkup and read the full article here.