Facebook is one of our favorite social media platforms – over a decade later, we’re still obsessed. But we also realize that at times, you might feel stressed because when you try to post, the image doesn’t appear. There’s an Rx for this! The Facebook Sharing Debugger.

Facebook’s Sharing Debugger lets you enter a URL to see the info that will be shared when posted on Facebook.

It also allows you to refresh Facebook’s cache for a specific URL of yours to ensure your link displays the most recent information when posted on Facebook.

Let me give you a scenario on how Facebook’s Sharing Debugger tool is helpful.

Let’s say you publish a blog post on your website with a featured image on it. Then after publishing the blog post, you decide to change the image so you update your blog post with a better image. Well, when you post the link on Facebook, the old featured image pops up in the preview section of Facebook versus the new one. This is where the Sharing Debugger tool comes in.

The Sharing Debugger tool scrapes your URL so it can show the most updated image on Facebook. It’s really easy to use and takes seconds.

Simply go here and paste the URL you want Facebook to debug, then click Debug. After, click on Scrape Again. Sometimes we have had to hit this several times, don’t give up! After, go back to Facebook and your most updated featured image should show.

Ta-da! Personally, we find ourselves using the Debugger tool often since we post a lot of content for our clients. If you are a frequent poster, go ahead and bookmark the Debugger link so it’s easier to find.