You may have noticed in the right column of your Facebook business page that there is an area for “Our Story“. This was recently rolled out and gives your business the perfect opportunity to share.

The screenshot below shows our Web Marketing Therapy Facebook page and you can see the “Our Story” area sits prominently at the top of the page (prime real estate!), right next to your newest post.
Web Marketing Tip: Share Your Facebook Story

Sharing your story on Facebook is easy to do:

  1. Upload your favorite photo that you think best represents your company. This is always editable so you can change the photo any time you want.
  2. Start writing your story. This gives you a space to tell people about your business or what you are passionate about or what is most important to you. Social media marketing tip: Use this space to highlight why and how your business is valuable to potential customers. The cool part is that you can use bullet points for emphasis or even add more photos within your story. The coolest part is that you can write A LOT! There is not a limited number of characters so share and share away.
  3. Edit the title. The “Our Story” is also editable, so give your story a name that best fits your content.

This update to your Facebook page will take you 30 minutes (or less). Take a little bit of time today to update your “Story” and add more value to your Facebook business page for the long run.

Happy Story Telling!