The pain of producing content on social media is real. To many, the question of “what to post?” is like being in a black abyss, with no hope of positive ideas emerging.

I’m going to let you in on a big digital marketing manager secret…

Recycle Your Way to Social Media Marketing SuccessOne of the easiest ways to simplify your social media marketing that supports your social media relationships while increasing visibility to other ideal relationships is by recycling.

Recycling old blog posts or videos and sharing them is so easy and often so overlooked by marketing professionals!

It takes time to write a great blog post, why on earth would you let great content go to waste? If a post or video you painstakingly created is still relevant, entertaining or useful to your target audience, then re-use it!

Instead of staring at these screens and going AHHHH!!…take a deep breath and go ahhhhhhh because you have an arsenal of posts to pull from. Scroll down for a quick web marketing Rx.

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Need a simple social media post? Go to your blog, look at the search box (if your blog does not have a search box, get one!!!) then search a topic. For example, if I search the word “stress” on my blog a ton of posts come up. Scan, find an oldie but goodie (the post needs to still be relevant) and share. Same goes with videos you have created. Share the oldies but goodies!


Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 2.56.48 PMTough love reality check: Just because you posted a blog post when you wrote it does NOT mean everybody saw it. At Web Marketing Therapy, we say “Tell ’em, Tell ’em what you told ’em and tell ’em one more time!”

Use the great content you ALREADY HAVE as a way to communicate with your audience on social media.

This saves you time writing blog posts and keeps content out there supporting your credibility and visibility!

If you realllllly want to streamline your social media posting, you can even schedule posts that you write now into posts MONTHS from now! Facebook has the ability to schedule posts within their post and I LOVE Hootsuite for social media scheduling. I can post things to go live MONTHS from when I last posted them!

Happy social media marketing!

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