Lorrie Thomas Ross, CEO of Web Marketing Therapy, was interviewed by local Atlanta publication Voyage ATL. In the interview, Lorrie shared her unique journey, valuable lessons learned as a CEO, and her passion for empowering businesses through healthy, sustainable marketing solutions.

“My biggest lesson that no matter what business we are in, meaningful relationships are everything. Lead with love. I define marketing as ‘maximizing relationships.’ This mindset is our agency’s compass as we support our clients and who we work for and with.”
-Lorrie Thomas Ross

From Girl Scout Cookies to Marketing Agency CEO

Lorrie Thomas Ross’ entrepreneurial journey began at a young age selling Girl Scout cookies. She learned how to handle rejection, how to identify and maintain loyal clients, and the power of creativity. Her dedication continued through roles like babysitting and retail, leading to online advertising and marketing. Teaching marketing courses at UC Santa Barbara with classrooms of business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketing professionals inspired her to launch Web Marketing Therapy nearly 20 years ago, driven by a passion to help businesses harness the power of web marketing.

Embracing Challenges and Owning Her Magic

Reflecting on her early years, Lorrie acknowledges the challenge of not fully owning her strengths and emphasizes the importance of confidence and self-belief. At Web Marketing Therapy, building meaningful relationships and leading with love are core philosophies. This mindset has been key to successful marketing and creating a positive environment for both clients and the team.

Lorrie Voyage Interview

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We invite you to read Lorrie Thomas Ross’s full interview in Voyage Atlanta to learn more about her inspiring journey, insights, and the core values that drive our marketing firm.