web marketing stress
Even we have “I can’t take it anymore” moments. This is WMT’s CEO Lorrie Ross having a moment – ha!

Have you had one of those days were your web marketing work is just not working?

At Web Marketing Therapy, we have lost count of the times seeming simple tasks like updating websites, posting to social media, aligning fonts, adding images (essentially any marketing task that-you-can-do-in-your-sleep and that should take nano-seconds to complete) just aren’t going the way they should.

After a decade in this industry, we have found some deep secret “alternative” solutions to solve web marketing problems. But they come with one warning, you must use them sparingly.

Here are some alternative solutions to solving web and social media marketing problems:

  • When you are trying to post a URL to Facebook and the image that comes up cuts off the top half (and sometimes decapitating people in the process): Take a deep breath then eat half a bar of chocolate.
  • When your image is not “centering” in a blog post: Issue a primal scream then do 100 jumping jacks.
  • When you compose a perfect tweet to post and the damn thing disappears and doesn’t post ever: Find your nearest pet and run your hands through their hair repeatedly (and try not to pull it out).
  • When you have posted to Instagram and it is stuck on sending and does not post and you have to start all over again: It’s time to procrastibake (seriously, that’s a thing!).
  • When you spend two hours typing up a newsletter and your preview shows three different fonts that you did not choose: Quickly open up your next browser window and impulsively buy the shoes that you left in your Nordstrom cart. Can I have an amen for shop therapy?!
  • When you get an email from a colleague or client and you don’t understand what the hell they are saying: Don’t squint at the screen. It’s not worth the wrinkles.
  • When the login won’t work even though you know it’s right: Google “How to fix your chakras”.
  • When you forget what the password is: Do you really need to log in? (Or, change passwords to include bad words… you never forget them anymore!)
  • When you close that important word document without saving: Just. Start. Crying. Breakdowns are the first step before you have breakthroughs.
  • When your cell dies right before a phone meeting: Go have a meeting with your nail lady instead.

These solutions are all interchangeable, but warning: overuse may result in unnecessary weight gain or loss, financial loss, or loss of employment.

We do believe that laughter is the best medicine, so if this made you smile, my time has been worthwhile!

Web and social media marketing has it’s moments, but don’t give up! If you ever have an issue and want help you can post questions here on the blog or on our Facebook page. You aren’t alone!

Happy Marketing!