Happy Monday!  I spent last week in San Antonio, TX at BSG‘s Billing, Boots and Blue Jeans conference and I used the quote below (yes, I actually did) in my “Taming the Wild, Wild, Web” presentation. 

I wanted to drive home the point about needing to know the “ropes” of the web, otherwise, messy web tie-up could be unpleasantly ahead…

 “A dame that knows the ropes isn’t likely to get tied up”
-Mae West

You don’t have to be a “dame” to get tied up by not knowing what you don’t know about all the intracices of web marketing…I bail out a lotta dudes, let me tell ya! 🙂

What you don’t know about web marketing could hurt you. 

Educate yourself, ask a lot of clarifying questions, do what you do best and hire others to do the rest and make a marketing committment to not judge what you do not understand about web marketing.

Learn, Grow, then Love your Web Marketing Results!

Web Marketing Therapy helps diagnose, prescribe and guide successful use of the web by teaching, training and empowering.

The more time I can spend moving forward on work vs. cleaning up tied up small businesses, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals who didn’t know the ropes and got tied up -the better.

Enlist the wild web women team at Web Marketing Therapy to be your new virtual CMOs (Chief Motivational Officers) and get on the marketing therapy couch…read this blog, follow us on Twitter, take FULL ADVANTAGE of all the great free advice on our shop therapy page and our wild web podcasts.

Learn from Ms. Mae West and get marketing motivated!



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