Just when I thought I was getting good at geek speak and talking tweets, diggs, stumbles, trackbacks and more, along comes a new (well, new to me!) goddess web gadget….


I discovered Kirtsy when I was reading the Remabulous blog.  Oh, BTW, “remabulous” (in case you didn’t know) marries the words “remarkable” and “fabulous”, isn’t that REMABULOUS!!  I love it!  I ended up on Caroline’s remabulous blog blog because my Google Alerts notified me that she blogged me (if you have not set up Google alerts for you and your biz, do this now).

After I read the post, I saw an option to “Kirtsy this” post….

….Then I felt really uncool…I didn’t know how to kirtsy 🙁

I curtsy for Kirtsy!
I curtsy for Kirtsy!

Where have I been?  Hellooo!!  I am a wild web woman, she-geek, web marketing evangelist!  And obviously, someone who has been out of the loop about the coolest social media site by women, for women that I have seen yet!

Cliff notes version: i Kirtsy is your virtual friend that helps you find good (and great) stuff…online.  The story behind Kirtsy is that they started as “three chicks” looking for an online spot where they could find a collection of content that was interesting to them.  It didn’t seem to exist, so they created it.

I see Kirtsy like Digg for women…wild, wonderful, wise web women.  Check it out and get she-geeky!  I think I have a new web marketing addiction brewing….

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