It’s no secret that the Wild Web Women at Web Marketing Therapy are cuckoo for Googlepuffs.  Google is a total WMT positive role model as they continually work to keep the love alive by being totally committed to their users, owning their role in making web relationships work with their users.

Get Cukoo for Google Puffs - Check out the new Semantic Search
Get Cukoo for Google Puffs - Check out the new Semantic Search

Case in point – Google’s New Semantic Search. The semantic search feature puts more of a people-powered approach to search.  Jack Germain of TechNewsWorld did a great article today that covers how Google has adjusted the way its search engine interprets the words we put into their search engine and how the new semantic search approach displays results.

Personally, I think it’s brilliant that Google is putting more art behind the science of their search algorithms. It’s not just about key phrase insertion and patterns in click behavior anymore.  Like Jack at TechNewsWorld says, “The new technology attempts to better understand broad search terms and deliver more relevant links.” She-geek translation: Google is trying to use their geekiness in a way that is more intuitive!  They are going above and beyond the norms of search with an effort to marry up relevant phrases to key phrase searches.  It’s all about relation specifiers….nerdilicious 🙂

Marketing is all about maximizing relationships and in ANY aspect of web work, the job is never done.  It will be interesting to see how the new Google SERPs are received (hopefully better than the new Facebook layout!  ha!)  My hope is that companies who do great work with great content win bigger with search engine optimization with the new semantic search direction.

Here’s to a 3000lb gorilla that doesn’t have ego, focuses on user experience and is always working to improve their approach to offer the most appropriate results. 

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