Paid Search Optimization and Management

Paid Search_ OptimizationPaid search advertising can be an amazing opportunity for organizations to pay to have premier visibility on key phrases on specific search engines or targeted to audiences on social media platforms. Web Marketing Therapy has extensive experience setting up and managing paid search services to help client boost their online visibility, drive traffic, and increase leads and sales.

There are so many choices to make when it comes to paid search. From choosing where to advertise, target audiences, budget, and what landing pages to drive traffic to or needing to design specific pages for campaigns, we have the team to get things going. Clients also turn to Web Marketing Therapy to help optimize existing paid search campaigns to get more out of their ad spend.

We help our clients with paid search needs by diagnosing, prescribing, and guiding them to get the right path for success.

…and if that line above is too marketing-ish, what that means is that we are great at identifying critical projects, and then supporting you to get the right processes and systems in place so paid search supports your needs.

From paid search strategy, research, copy creation, image design to landing page creation to implementation and monitoring, our paid search pro team works together to optimize or create and manage effective Google Ads and social media ad campaigns, customizing our approach based on your organization’s unique needs, goals, and budget.

Google Ads Management

Google PartnerGoogle Ads allows advertisers to show web users advertisements, service offerings, product listings, and videos. Ads can be shown in the results of search engines like, Google My Business listings, YouTube videos, and other non-search websites, depending on where you want them to appear.

At Web Marketing Therapy, we start with an organic approach, which requires listening to your needs and reviewing your current campaigns or, if launching new ones, doing comprehensive research to identify your organization’s needs and research budget, location and demographic targeting, and keyword suggestions.

Next, if needed our paid search team collectively creates a compelling landing page or pages. The landing page is where visitors land after clicking on your ads. We have copywriters and designers who create custom landing pages to help your organization maximize leads and sales specific to paid search campaigns. We also install appropriate ad tracking codes so we know where your leads are coming from.

We monitor and optimize ongoing campaigns while providing weekly reporting to keep you informed about the performance of your paid search campaigns.

Types of Google ads we manage include:

  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Google Local Services Ads
  • Performance Max Campaigns
  • YouTube Ads
  • Local campaigns
  • Shopping Campaigns

Our geekiness (and love!) for paid search has earned us a Google Partner badge. As a Google Partner, we are recognized for maximizing campaign success for our clients nationwide, driving client growth while demonstrating our Google Ads skills and expertise with certifications by Google.

Social Media Ads

Social Media AdsWe have extensive experience running social media ads for various organizations throughout the United States. We create targeted ads tailored to specific locations and demographics, depending on your organization's offerings. Once ads are launched, we offer continuous monitoring and optimization to ensure your ad budget is used efficiently and send you weekly geeky updates.

Types of social media ad services we offer:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • NextDoor Ads

Paid Search Training

Want us to train your organization on how to run paid search ads? We’re happy to do so. We can train you on any paid search platform you want to learn and educate you as we collaborate to help you become a paid search superstar.

Get the Paid Search Support You Need

When you are ready to sit on our marketing therapy couch, we invite you to reach out to us. We are here to support you and your organization and offer a complimentary Zoom call to truly listen to your paid search marketing needs. No salesy cheesyness, a real-deal, here-to-help-you conversation. We have team members in Atlanta, Georgia, Jacksonville, Florida, Tucson Arizona and Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, California and work with clients throughout the United States.