I recently had the opportunity to review several WMT client YouTube channels, advising on best practice feedback and noting suggestions to improve subscription and video views. I made a list of best practices that you can put to work.  Enjoy these YouTube channel optimization tips!

  • Design your channel to be on brand (see screenshots below).
  • The Basics: Give YouTube channel an appropriate title (this “KSmith” is NOT acceptable, title ALL videos (this “345by4.mov” is NOT acceptable), and add a description and a site link to all videos. Create playlists of videos that relate to each other.
  • Add a featured video to your channel (optional: make the video automatically play when visitors land on your YouTube channel).
  • Add information about your brand to the About box.
  • Add social media widgets (see Late Night channel example below) to increase visibility of other social media accounts.
  • Encourage viewers to subscribe (see Mashable channel below).
  • Connect channel to your other social media accounts (see Jimmy’s screenshot).

Check out these GREAT YouTube channel design examples below.  The first comes from Jimmy Fallon of Late Night and the 2nd comes from Mashable.

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon YouTube Channel

Mashable YouTube Channel