I had one of those weekends where I swore I would turn my marketing brain off and just tinker around town, run errands and zen out a little. I slept in, futzed around the house, cooked, nested, went for a run then came home to realize I was out of water (which sucks after you work out, let me tell ya!)

So I grab my empty gallon jugs and quarters and walk down the street to my local liquor store to the water machine and a nice man asks me where a local wine tasting room is. I kick into Santa Barbara tourist mode and start raving about the wine tasting room, told him to ask for a particular wine rep, gave him directions, wished him wine-tasting wellness and sent him on his way. I don’t know if it was my enthusiam or what, but the man walked away, stopped, turned around, then came back and gave me his business card. If I hadn’t been in my PJ’s with two full gallon jugs in both hands, I would have had a glass of wine with him!

It was a random-cool trip to the water dispenser and it added to my weekend happy zen. With the orchid man’s business card in tow, I walked back home to chug water.

Post hydration, my marketing brain kicks in – dang, I can’t ever turn it off! Bad for me, but good for you.

So web marketing therapy advice of the day (and small business revelation):

A business card is absolutely useless…..unless, it is backed up with web marketing.

Here’s the reality. The business card that I took with it’s slightly bent edges and teeny font is going to get lost, misplaced or thrown away (actually, I will probably recycle it, come on, I’m a web woman, I don’t do paper!)

Business cards are old school, still necessary, but they need web back up – the world wide web is our new rolodex. We live in a time crunched nation, we go to the web for at our fingertips, insta-gratification.

The reality is that a teeny business card is going to get lost. And we have to get over ourselves and accept the fact that nobody saves them like they used to. People you meet and make an impression are going to be going to search engines to look you up, check you out then (If your web marketing works) contact you.

Small business babes – we have to market to time crunched people! And how do you do that? Easy – make darn sure your business can be searched and found. Did you know that 90% of people start with a search engine to find products, services and information? (Data from iProspect University)

Small business owners can be found in natural search, local search and paid search – there is NO excuse to not put the web to work as your live business card.

And, the man I met turned out to be a positive web marketing role model – check it out!

Are you getting searched and found?  If not, fix that!
Are you getting searched and found? If not, fix that!