I get a lot of calls and email inquiries from professionals who want to know how Web Marketing Therapy can help them implement web marketing to help make their business more successful.

This is where my role of “tough love” Marketing Therapist kicks in, as I tell them that the web is not going to make them successful – THEY ARE.   Professionals ready to invest in web marketing are smart, but web marketing alone will not pack pow into bank accounts.

Here’s the way to look at web marketing (websites, online advertising, serach marketing and more)

YOU are Batman (the leader, the organization, the ones on the front lines)

You are Batman, Web Marketing is your trusty sidekick Robin!
You are Batman, Web Marketing is your trusty sidekick Robin!

WEB MARKETING is Robin (your trusty sidekick who is often smarter than you but is always willing to let you be more important because in order to win, you need to be the leader)

Batman is NOTHING without Robin, but Robin could not strike out on his own and be ok either.  It’s a synergistic dream team!

Web Marketing is your supporting cast member to have your back, make you look good and serve, support and sell.

I wish I had another analogy that didn’t involve men in tights, (believe me!), but this is the best way I know to help explain the proper role web marketing plays in your business.

Web Marketing Rx – REALITY CHECK – Web Marketing will not magically make you a super hero.

Invest in smart, scalable supporting collateral that is reliable, consistent, attractive and powerful.   When you need backup to brand, build and boost business, you’ll be in much better shape to pack some marketing POW! into your business.

Holy Marketing Batman!!

You can fight marketing crime a lot faster, smarter and harder if the web works to communicate who you are, what you do and who you serve.

Tools like social media can help take your superpowers and position companies/entrepreneurs as authorities in any industry!!

On the web, people aren’t as easily fooled by bad-guys…trust is in the hands of the people, not companies!

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