Working Hard Does Not Mean Working ALL the time
Working Hard Does Not Mean Working All The Time

Marketing requires a combination of creativity, motivation and effort. Whether I am doing my own marketing or helping clients manage their marketing, I find that if any of the three pieces above are missing then there is a break in the process.

I went for a short run on the beach today because I realized that my effort and motivation were sort of in “wheel spinning” mode, meaning that I was doing a lot of staring at my screen and not getting a lot of great output.  I unplugged, recharged and viola, marketing magic began again!

Anyone who wants success in their business better be prepared to work hard on marketing.  It is part of the day-to-day work that will fuel your business.

BUT if you want to sustain for the long-haul and not frizzle-fry, then figure out how to work SMART vs. working HARD on your marketing.

I believe in “doing what I do best and letting others do the rest” (meaning I hire help in areas that are not my unique ability to keep the effort going).

I also work on my marketing at times where my creativity is high (I write when my ideas are flowing and if they aren’t, I don’t).

Marketing is about maximizing relationships.  When you are creative (FUN), motivated (CHARGED) and can produce the effort (HAVE ENERGY) then you will attract more results.

Yours in marketing motivation and virtual marketing hugs,
The Marketing Therapist