Are you a blogger or a blogeader?  Hey, I just made up the word “blogeader” (“blog” + “reader”) – cool new portmanteau (see this past post for definition of that fancy word!)! 

Our world is ruled by blogs.  We use them for everything – to read concert reviews, to find the best deal on door knobs, to be alerted of a great sale, or even to read up on free web marketing tips from a group of superhero web women who shall remain nameless.  Some people are strictly blogeaders because they find reading much easier  than writing.  Are you one of those?  Well, I have a teeny, tiny secret for you – anyone can blog!  Unlike Freshman year English 101, there are no rules to blogging.  It is whatever you want it to be!  That’s why there are so many blogs out there.  You can blog on behalf of your dog, about your egg whites, about health and beauty tips for busy women and moms and the list goes one.  people blog without using any capital letters.  Others blog in rhyme, and that’s fine. 

And if you are looking for some search engine optimization (SEO) love, look no further than the blog.  In addition to that, your blog can drive new traffic to your site, boost business, help you build web relationships, create marketing partnerships and showcase your organization’s voice! 

Feeling motivated??  I highly suggest one of the greatest, most informative whitepapers out there on blogging – To Blog or Not To Blog . . . This Will Answer Your Burning Question.  This paper covers the six essential components to blogging success!  Pick it up, read it and you will become a blogger before you know it!