Our fearless leader promoted the New Year as a year of promise…success…fun…learning…growing. I couldn’t help but agree! We are now NINE days into the new year and I have to admit, there is some doubt about how wonderful this year is going to be! Life happens, I realize that! But come on!

Let me take you back down not so distant memory lane!

  • Lame horse = $800 in vet bills and an additional $200 to keep her locked in a 10′ x 10′ stall so as not to do more damage.
  • Freezing cold climate (ok, it’s not below freezing..but to my Southern Cal body-anything below 60 is too cold!) = $388.00 electric bill-seriously! And I don’t live in the Taj Mahal!
  • Flushed toilet at the inlaws (yes, I was the responsible party!) = overflowed from 2nd floor onto 1st floor-kitchen ceiling torn apart, carpet torn up and a visit from water removal experts at 1 am = at least $1000 for the deductable not to mention countless hours of construction that will have to take place over the next month (love the in-laws..they didn’t hold me responsible-but they are replacing the toilet!)
  • Scratch to the hood of our new car (and mind you, it has a special pearl coating, so they will have to repaint the entire hood, not just patch the scratch!) = $500 (actually, the quote came back at $732)
  • Neurotic dog broke out of the back yard…rather chewed her way through the fence = $400 for new and super sturdy dog run
Might as well be THROWING it away!
Might as well be THROWING it away!

And all that since the New Year Began! For those of you without a calculator:

Grand Total of $3,520 of unexpected expenses!

Working in my PJ’s and having a flexible job that allows me to deal with the unending CHAOS….


Thank goodness I have this blog to rant about the happenings in my life, while hopefully instilling a little Web Marketing Wisdom! It is SOOOO much cheaper (insert FREE here ) than real therapy!

When life throws you lemons…BLOG about it! So much more fun than sitting in a corner and eating worms!


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