My dad was recently approached about a business that was for sale in his field of expertise.  They boasted a well designed site with frequent visitors, a great following on Facebook, an opt-in email list of 1,900 subscribers and great reputation in the field.  He asked me to check out the company and see if all they claimed was even close to being true.

Did you know that a lot can be told about your business by checking out your website?  My first stop was a look at the site itself which I found a tad difficult to navigate (they were running google analytics though, which meant we could potentially get a good look into how well their website was working, quickly followed by a visit to the by HubSpot, one of the Wild Web Women’s favorite tools!  It’s a free tool that allows you to enter in a website URL (along with a few competitors if you wish) and then it rates the site based on an algorithm taking into account different variables such as social media,  search engine data, the structure of your website, site performance , how long the domain has been registered and when it expires as well as approximate traffic to your site.

It only takes a few moments before your report is created, outlining all that the Website Grader found!   This can be used as a brief guideline on changes that can be made to a site to improve its rank and more importantly the effectiveness!

This is a great jumping off point if you are considering making tweaks or changes to your site-it let’s you know where you can improve as well as areas you are doing well.  I ran the report for Web Marketing Therapy too in order to show my dad an example of how improvements to a site combined with a great web presence through social media and other online efforts can boost a site’s effectiveness .  WMT’s score last month was a 98-great by any standards, but when I ran the report we had improved a point up to 99!  By combining the art and science of web marketing, as well as constant attention to what works and what doesn’t-(if it ain’t working-CHANGE IT!),  we have been able to maintain a strong grade (almost perfect, you might say!)  Just in case you were wondering, the company I was checking out scored a 79-not bad, but leaves plenty of room for improvement!

Take a moment to grade YOUR business.  If you have questions about how to improve your online presence perhaps it’s time to set up a therapy session with The Marketing Therapist!


  • Kelly,
    I liked the story method of getting the technical data in my brain. Smart Dad, to double check with you who would for sure know about this.
    And well done on you guys’ score. Pat yourselves on the back. I’ll pass on the tool because I know I’d be way down there with my oldie moldie website. Soon to be updated.
    Thanks for a great blog entry.
    Calla Gold

  • Thanks Calla! Glad you enjoyed it! So it would be fun to run the report now-even though you have plans to improve the site and then run it again down the road! There is something very inspiring about looking at where you once were and how far you have come since then! We all have to start somewhere!

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