How many times do you hear or get email replies to the tune of “there is a bug on my site” or “I don’t see what you see on my computer screen” or “I don’t see what you are talking about” when you are doing web marketing work or trying to communicate a bug or news?

I hear it all the time. This is a simple web marketing therapy issue that needs a healthy tip to create a solution to communication vs. swimming in the problem of communication. 🙂

The web is a VISUAL marketing medium, when we play the (sometimes lame) game of email ping-pong, we need to make our messages clear, succinct and meaningful.

The tip of the day is:

Show me don’t tell me…take a screen shot! A screen shot is simply a photo or “shot” of your computer screen so the person on the receiving-end can see what the heck you are talking about.

I would have left the wild web world screaming years ago if I didn’t have this as a back-pocket tool!

Taking a Screen Shot is Easy. Have the page you want to shoot up on your browswer, then hit Print Screen then paste into a document and SEND!Taking a screen shot is easy. Open the document or web page you want to show, go to your keyboard and hit the “Print Screen” button, then open a word document or Power Point slide and do a “control V” or right click and paste. DONE. Sharing is caring, we are visual people, use a screen shot to show what you need to show.

Now, for uber geeks like me that have to take really rocking screen shots and add coolio arrows and text, I recommend Jing(where visual communication starts, brilliant tagline!) This technology sits on my desktop and can take shots whenever I need. I love it so much I want to marry it!

Sexy screen shots with Jing, grr baby, grrrrrr.....
Sexy screen shots with Jing, grr baby, grrrrrr.....

When I want to email news or bugs or communicate web optimization suggestions, I open Jing, hit the screen capture feature then I can create an image OR create a url that shows the screenshot so I don’t have to deal with attachments…how hot is that, huh? 🙂

Show site bugs - take a screen capture
Show site bugs – take a screen capture

I also find that respect is recriprocal with web marketing. if you can save your programmer or webmaster a step and not make them search for what your email referrs to (Example, ” show up instead of ‘) be respectful of the person who gets 100s of emails and take a picture and show them. 1. They’ll appreciate it. 2. You save them time searching 3. You’ll quadruple your chances of getting things solved or getting the response you want.

Okay, now you have new web marketing geek skills – go own it!