A friend sent this great Starbucks video that compiled singers from 156 countries singing the Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love” song.

The video is the perfect pick me up (I have played it on my computer several times after watching it since the voices are so lovely) and it is a brilliant example of web marketing love.

Starbucks invited musicians from all over the world to sing the Beatles “All You Need is Love” together (at the same time, recorded) to raise awareness for AIDS in Africa.  In a shared moment, musicians from 156 countries played and sang together.  And thanks to the wild, wild web, the value, values and voices came together to spread a meaningful message and support the love for one of the most brilliant brands today.

In true social media style, you can lend your own voice to http://StarbucksLoveProject.com.  Watch streaming video from countries around the world and then join in by singing All You Need is Love yourself. For each video submitted, Starbucks will make a contribution to the Global Fund to help fight against AIDS in Africa. You can also help increase the Starbucks contribution to the Global Fund by submitting a drawing to the Love Gallery.

Starbucks brought the world together in the name of healthy marketing by leveraging a popular song that is in line with their brand and used the power of social media to communicate, increase awareness and boost their continuing efforts to help fight AIDS in Africa.  And by putting power in their prosumers hands, they are creating community, building market share and using their brand power for social good.

In just one year in partnership with the (RED)™ campaign, Starbucks has generated money equivalent to more than 7 million days of medicine to help those living with HIV in Africa. Now that is marketing that MATTERS!

The video is stellar.  It is true “YouTube” style, where it looks very organic, however, the editing that went on to bring the voices, faces and lyrics together was a heck of a feat.

The viral marketing of this effort is one that shows how a brilliant idea executed brilliantly can do more than sell lattes.  Great work Starbucks.

How can you use the web for social good?


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