A few years ago, we did a blog post on a fun and functional way to sign your emails with the WiseStamp email signature tool.  Today, I was emailing with a wonderful wild web woman (and Web Marketing Therapy client) and had a total jealous moment over her web-a-licious email signature.

Email vanity is OK! See www.myesig.com to facelift your email signature!

http://www.myesig.com/ is a service that starts at $9/month.  You can customize your email signature with your contact, photos, social media links:

-Various pages of your website

The message on the right rotates so you can have multiple photos and marketing messaging at the end of your messages.

Marketing magic!

Thank you Annette at CastCoverz.com (the most fun and functional cast covers, cast accessories and broken bones “heal better, feel better” products and community on the planet) for allowing me to share her Wild Web Woman web wisdom with us.

Taking pride in your web marketing appearance is healthy – it is not egotistical.  Get your marketing healthy so you can get wealthy and beautify your email signature!

(well, what are you waiting for???  …comeon, get to it!!)


  • I’ve been using WiseStamp for a few months now and really like it. Just yesterday, a former client sent me an email regarding a new job and his email signature contained a type of QR code, with the instructions, “Scan the tag to save my information into your smartphone.” I thought that was pretty great, considering the rise in QR code popularity. The app is from http://gettag.mobi. This was the first I had heard of the app.

  • Thanks for the post Clint! I remember having my first email account (in 1999!) and the big question was “what text should I put in my signature?” now look at where we are – the QR code addition is really interesting. Thanks for sharing the gettag.mobi link!

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