My “not-so-secret” man crush, Seth Godin, did a great blog post on the need to continually learn. His post reminded me that it is through commitment to self-education and momentum that we grow and make meaningful marketing contributions. Remember this as you manage your digital marketing:

You are never done learning
The three most dangerous words are “I know that”
All the education in the world doesn’t matter if you don’t take action

The secret to marketing success will not happen through binge and purge learning. Going to school and getting a piece of paper does not solidify that you are able to APPLY what you know. Actions speak louder than credentials. I liked Seth’s perspective on school’s purpose.  I am an educator, I believe in education, but I believe more in ongoing education! We are never done learning.  In order to be successful, we have to continually invest in ourselves, read, critically think, apply and improve our skills.

When I teach web marketing classes, I have to change what I teach every time.  The rules change every second, the tools evolve and expand, and trends shift patterns.  I don’t know everything, but I own that and I read a lot…it is through reading and ongoing education that I am able to teach, help clients, blog and be a better professional…I wish it was because I have a high IQ, but it’s not.  It’s because I have passion, purpose and commit to educational power.

It is up to us to read, critically think, test, try, ask for help, take classes, re-learn, build our skills and own that as adults, we learn by DOING. 

Subscribe to blogs, read books, take webinars, re-train your brain and PLEASE don’t believe everything you read.  Take it all in, THINK about what you learn can/may/wouldn’t apply to your organization then set yourself apart to win with marketing by getting in the game – roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty.

Marketing requires MOMENTUM. Make a commitment to getting smart, accept that what you know now may not work later, read, think then ACT.

I went to grad school with some of the most brilliant classmates who wrote better papers, did more research and had way more brain capacity then I did. What set me apart was I owned what I didn’t know + I took what I learned and put it to work = RESULTS. After acting, I monitor, optimize and try again.

Marketing work is never done. Neither is education or self-improvement. Make this your year to implement smart marketing.

Who’s with me????