Great Kate McMillan, one of our wild web women Design Divas, sent a client reply email today (yes, we work Sundays and 24-7, we are dedicated she-geeks!)

Her email was in response to a client’s new logo design.  I wanted her expert “design diva” feedback on web marketing best practices, as the logo sent to us for review was nice but it was very square and lengthy.  In web design land, lengthy logos either get smushed to a silly-small size where nobody can see it or worse, the large logo stays large and envelops a website header so content space or call to action space is less available.

Let’s face it, in times of economic downturn, web real estate is probably more valuable than “real” real estate and I can’t afford to have any of my clients waste valuable web space – space and use of space is money honey!!

Kate’s answer to the client was so she-geek cool that I wanted to share it and also, I really, really, really had an urge to use the phrase de rigeur because it is French, sexy, smart and way cooler sounding than “best practice” 🙂  So here is my free web marketing therapy advice today re: logos for print and web… (thanks Kate!)

it’s de rigeur to have a variation of a logo for
online use, and a variation for print use.

Print Logo
Print Logo
Check out my logo – this was designed in 2006.  I’ve been very happy with it.  It looks great on business cards and in print but this big ol’ square treatment would overtake web real estate. 
When Site Goals re-designed my website this year, they took my brilliantly designed logo and
de rigeur-d it so we could get the most bang for our buck (oh, wait, the most bang for MY buck!) and use my web space to the fullest.
My web-ready logo
My web-ready logo

Here is my de de rigeur-d  logo for the web.  Same concept, but better use of space for smart web marketing.

Marketing rules between online and offline have some synergy, however, distinctions like use of space, usability best practices and brand treatments need to be understood and respected. 

Respecting the need to have a logo that is appropriate for web use is de rigueur .  Get it, got it?  Good!