I received an email from Jamie Smith, presentation coach today and her signature had the most coolio “meaningful marketing” closer that said:

Can you explain the power of what you do?
Can you explain the power of what you do?

I help people in business make lasting impressions, so they attract more clients.

When I teach web marketing classes, I bust out all my therapy-isms and one of the “isms” that I always spew to students relates to Jamie’s positive role model behavior:

If you don’t toot your own horn, nobody else will

I purposely put that line in green because if you can learn how to effectively explain who you are, what you do and the VALUE of what you do, then that is money honey!

Communication is key in marketing, if you can’t explain what you do (and do well!) succinctly and powerfully, then you have a problem!

So tip of the day – toot your own horn!

The real meaning of marketing is maximizing awareness & exchanges to equal $ale$. We are in business to sell something – sales is not just for “salespeople” it’s everybody’s job and is part of everything you do!

And now to toot the WMT horn (I have to practice what I preach, right?) :

Web marketing therapy helps professionals invest in healthy, meaningful marketing to make their organizations wealthy!

Please respond to this post if you have a good horn to toot! I want to hear it!!!!