I am tired, this post will be short. Today was a loooooong day and it was full of more fixes (what I call backwards work) instead of forwards work.

There was a scenario today (that I learned from and can share my learning with you to help you!) where I misunderstood some tech steps I needed to take on a project and the person helping me got a little dramatic on the phone and kept focusing on what I didn’t do which wasn’t moving me towards a marketing solution (which made me a little crabby, I have to admit)

As you know, I am not a “woo-woo, feel sorry for yourself” therapist, I am a “buck up, own it and CHARGE!!!” therapist so I had to shift the call emphasis from what I didn’t do (and I should not have had to own the conversation, as I was the one paying the vendor!!) to what I needed to do to fix the issue.

Swimming in cant’s, problems, should haves and would haves won’t = getting good work done.

Web marketing tip of the day – focus on the SOLUTION not the problem. Yes, we mess up, yes, we make poor choices, but pointing fingers and fixating on the negative gets you marketing work that is…well, just negative.

Focus on that is important, your customer and focus on what you can do THEN DO IT WELL!