For those of our readers who have been out of the loop, our own Web Marketing guru Lorrie Thomas wrote a wonderful book about the power of online marketing and how you can harness the awesomeness of the web to boost your organizations marketing potential; The McGraw Hill 36 Hour Guide: Online Marketing. Unsurprisingly the fabulously written, easy to understand book is topping charts. What is surprising, however, is the chart it’s topping is under Amazon’s direct marketing category.

Traditionally direct marketing is described as marketing messages addressed directly to customers in the form of catalog distribution, fliers, outdoor advertising etc. Now, in more recent times, email, mobile messaging and consumer websites have become a part of the marketing approach mix, making marketing professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs and students flock towards online marketing books like The 36-Hour Course to Online Marketing. Direct marketing has previously been viewed as the “buy now!”, product to consumer approach, but the online marketing practices outlined in Thomas’ book flip flop that idea.

In this social media, blogosphere, online driven world, customers and potential customers are now choosing to approach and participate in an organizations marketing collateral because it has something to offer its participants; information or education that is relevant to their needs and desires, not because they are told to!

The 36 Hour Course to Online Marketing’s success in the direct marketing category is a sign of the times. This shift in direct marketing techniques is simply about giving your customers a reason to come to you, because frankly, no one likes that used car salesman pitch.

You can read the official Web Marketing Therapy press release for the Online Marketing Book’s chart topping success on our press page.

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