Web Marketing Therapy has been diving deep into the psyche of great marketing these days and educating our readers on what it can do for your organization. Recently we introduced our Hierarchy of Brand Needs, a comprehensive infographic that communicated the importance of great branding and how a brand can mean better business for your organization.

Today we introduce Marketing Therapy’s Hierarchy of Marketing Needs! Marketing can be complex and intimidating in the beginning, but the key to great success is to complete each step in the Hierarchy of Marketing Needs. Satisfying each stage of marketing needs will lead your organization up the ladder to Marketing Actualization, the highest and most fulfilling level of marketing!

Web Marketing Therapy Hierarchy of Marketing Needs
Web Marketing Therapy Hierarchy of Marketing Needs

Download the pdf here:  Web Marketing Therapy Hierarchy of Marketing Needs

The steps:

Basic Needs/Physical:  These are marketing needs your organization must acquire first to function at a foundational level. You need a solid foundation to launch your marketing.  These needs can include; business name, tools to create and maintain business, the ability to pay bills, business cards, logo, simple web presence (url, hosting.)  Simple things you need to survive.  In the marketing world, you must possess some sort of business presence in order to begin to market who you are, what you do and whom you serve.

Safety: Adding a layer of legitimacy to your business helps secure a safety net of continued business for your organization. Safety can be created with optimized messaging, a powerful value-oriented central marketing message, basic search optimization, and a consistent brand identity.  Sales-centric (not in a cheesy used-car-salesman way) = a scalable presence. All of these features help give your organization validity and dependability for customers to give continued business.

Love/Belonging: Now that your organization has met its basic/physical needs and a safety net of continued business is created, you can focus on connecting with others in a way that is relevant to what you offer. Love, belonging and a sense of community correspondence can be created by expanding to the social web. Online reviews and social media (such as Blogs, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter) help your organization connect with others and get your message noticed.

Esteem: The need for esteem is your organizations chance to gain the respect of clients and other experts in the community or field.  Greater respect = more business.  Superior online marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) help to get your presence more pronounced on the web and blogging and newsletters help to solidify your organization’s expertise in the field.  In order to boost your esteem, you need to be a AUTHORity.  Establishing that you are an expert in the field by authoring content for online PR, blog, article marketing, tweets and guest posts on other sites will garner respect by others and potential clients.

Self Actualization: This level of need pertains to what an organization’s full potential is and realizing that potential. All other needs are satisfied so one can now focus on maintaining all aspects of the organization and building more business. Multi-tasking marketing, consistent web presence, continually optimizing websites, boosting search visibility, exploring online ads, measuring ALL web marketing with web analytics, building social media strategy, gaining PR power and more helps you be the best your organization can be.

So remember,  Healthy  Marketing = Wealthy Organizations ®. Treat your organization to a dose of Marketing Therapy and follow the steps to Marketing Actualization today!