google_partnerContinued rapid growth in web development constantly changes the landscape of digital marketing as well as the strategies used to implement successful marketing campaigns.

Our marketing optimization team at Web Marketing Therapy believes that educating ourselves is just as important as educating our amazing clients, and we are constantly adapting to and learning new methodologies that will enhance our clients’ differing needs as resources are introduced.

Our professional growth as an organization and our niche experience with Google Ads optimization for our clients has granted us the opportunity to be recognized as a Google Partner.

Being recognized as a leader in digital marketing with the Google Partner distinction is one of the many ways we show our commitment to propelling our clients toward continued success.

The Google Partner certification identifies Web Marketing Therapy as a trusted Google advisor and demonstrates our knowledge of the Google platforms and how to utilize Google’s algorithms in marketing to raise the profile of a website, direct online traffic, produce leads, and optimize returns for our clients. Our agency holds Google Partner certifications in Search, Display, and Shopping Ads.

In order to become a Google Partner, a business must demonstrate proficiency in three categories: Performance, Spend, and Certifications.

  • Performance – Each business registered with Google Ads is represented by the Ads manager who controls the account’s operations. The Google Ads manager must have a minimum optimization score of 70% demonstrating operational control of the account with the knowledge to apply or dismiss recommendations based on assessments that drive each account towards clients’ goals.
  • Spend – The Google Ads manager account must maintain a 90-day ad spend of $10,000 across all managed accounts.
  • Certification – Half of the company’s Google Ads account strategists, who support the Ads manager in managing client accounts, must hold at least one certification in each product area (Search, Display, Video, Apps, etc) that maintains a campaign spend of $500 or more in a 90 day period.

The Role Google Plays in Our Marketing Strategies

For decades, Google has led the world’s market share of search engines, now covering nearly 85% of all mobile web traffic. A titan of the web development industry, Google hosts an incredible amount of tools and resources including courses, certifications, and instructionals intended to help large and small businesses succeed.

As a full-service agency specializing in marketing support and optimization, Google Ads development plays an important role in the services we can provide to our clients as we move forward with advances in technology.

“We’ve been working alongside Google for almost 10 years via their various paid ad platforms,” says Director of Marketing Operations, Katherine L. Garcia. “Google Ads has been an imperative part of our client’s digital marketing strategy and continues to do so. We love the targeting options, the conversion tracking, and the way Google’s ad opportunities have expanded throughout the years.”

Our online advertising management team takes every opportunity to learn from these industry experts and the educational resources they provide with the goal of helping you identify the specific needs of your business, and providing you with the guidance and support to reach your full potential.