Stalking is Google Approved, It's OK
Stalking is Google Approved

Small Business Owners in Marketing Therapy – LISTEN UP!  If you are doing all the wild web marketing work to make your small business BIG with web marketing (like article distribution, online press releases, blog content and more), then it is time to start obsessing over yourself and see what is being found about your organization on the world wide web!

Google Alerts is free technology and the *best* way to track what the world wide web is pulling up about you…see what your prospective customers see!  You can tell Google (in a matter of 5 seconds of effort) what you want them to search and send you.  Get feeds on web content with your name, company name, various spellings of your company name and VIOLA!  The Google gods will spoon feed you scoop….and you can get this content once a day, weekly or as it happens….Google rocks (yes, we are total Google Girls)  Those of you who are uber obsessive may even want to scope out your competition – get Google alerts on them too!
Stalking and obsessing with Google Alerts is actually Marketing Therapist aproved behavior.  Google Alerts is a healthy web marketing practice, because it helps professionals stay self-aware, which is healthy marketing behavior.