This is a marketing intervention. I am seeing way too many small businesses think they are doing “marketing” by doing haphazard binge and purge web marketing efforts that = stupid marketing.

Case in point – investing in a cheap SEO firm because they are cheap or getting your nephew who just learned web design to build you a website. Your nephew knows nada about marketing, but he can make you a sweet flash demo on your home page (that serves what purpose?) The SEO firm has a cookie cutter approach to marketing (by the way, cookie cutter is not the way to approach marketing!) They throw you into their project queue, don’t give a damn about your business, slop up a bunch of meta keyword blah in your site pages, then you are done.

You binged on the project, it got purged out, yeah you got a “thing” but what did you REALLY get?


Binge and purge marketing (where there is no thought or strategy first) before execution will cost you SO MUCH MORE in the long run. Think first before you binge on the crap marketing food – nourish your organization with the RIGHT marketing food (collateral/approach/vendors/team) that serves as a capital investment for the long haul so you have the right web foundation instead!

I do therapy on a lot of clients and I can’t save everybody from themselves, but I want to try to help stop the marketing maddness. This site is my passion to try to help more people help themselves.

You will get what you pay for with marketing. If you do it right the first time, you will save so much time and money for the long haul.

You pay for your marketing (cheap, fast, great) no matter what – remember that. The cheap/crap stuff has to be re-done, reinvested and that costs more.

We do not plan to fail, we fail to plan.

Ask for help before you feel the urge to binge/purge again, ok?


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