Take a Healthy Web Marketing Break and engage with this funny viral web marketing campaign by CareerBuilder.com: Monk-e-mail!

Career Builder makes the monk-e-mail fun and offers personalized messages and options (audio, text, image, and a link to share on Twitter)!

This successful viral campaign was an immediate hit because it was a fun experience and people love getting and sending monk-e-mails.  In addition, it was a brilliant marketing move by Career Builder because it built brand awareness and it created positive word of mouth for the brand.

What lessons can you learn from Career Builder’s successful marketing campaign?

1. Make marketing campaigns about your audience! Make sure your content connects with your target market.

2. Include entertainment, for example, sense of humor, video, and images.

3. Let your audience show their personality! Your audience will be more motivated to share with friends, if you let them personalize a message or image.

4. Engage in viral marketing and make it easy for your audience to spread the message.

Take a healthy web marketing break and send a personalized monk-e-mail to your family and friends!


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