Four Web Marketing Best Practices for 2013Jonathan Gardner, director of communications at Vibrant Media, shares the four best practices for digital marketers in 2013 on Mashable. I agree with Gardner, “it’s exciting to think that a year from now we’ll be buzzing about all new startups, fresh apps to obsess over and maybe even a new device or two we can’t imagine ever having lived without.” According to Gardner, “in the realm of digital marketing, the writing’s already on the wall. ” And here are the trends, he shares, we need to watch in 2013.

#1. 2013, the “Year of Mobile”


  • There is some promising evidence of consumer engagement on mobile, via branded content and targeted app development, and there will be more in the coming year.
  • See how brands leverage location technology and social-media data to amp up their marketing, especially as mobile commerce generates more attention.

#2. Consumer  = Control

  • In 2013,  put the consumer first, which means engagement on their number-one (probably mobile) device, contextual relevance and need anticipation.
  • As Dan Pappalardo wrote recently, “Disruptive messaging is not as effective – or tolerated – as it once was. So instead of asserting a one-way brand message, marketers are now creating relevant experiences to organically align brands with consumers. These experiences themselves are becoming brand platforms.”

#3. Social Media Marketing Will Grow Up

  • Marketers have yet to catch up to the social media obsession.
  • According to Gardner, “Twitter and Pinterest still serve high demand, and even though Facebook is slowing a bit, the mega site still pulls in content by the petabyte.”

#4.  Viewability will be tackled

  • A report from AdSafe Media found that fewer than half of all online ads passed a basic test of viewability.  Marketers are asking, and justifiably so: Why pay for premium placement when, odds are, consumers won’t even see our ads?
  • The route to the consumer is a completely viewable, entirely relevant in-content solution that displays ads where consumers are looking: within text, photos and videos.