Recycling is not only good for people and planet, but it is also great to remember as you execute on marketing.  So many professionals go out and waste energy and resources creating new marketing materials when the ones that are geared to work best are the ones that you already have!

In honor of Earth Day, here is a healthy dose of web marketing advice to help you accomplish total web domination:

Use what you’ve got to get marketing results you want!


*Your organization has been covered in the media.  Add a press or a news page (call it what you want) to your site to show visitors that you are credible.

*You have a PR person who writes press releases for you.  Recycle these on your press page and make each press release clickable to it’s own page labeled with meta titles and descriptions for search engine optimization.

*You blog regularly.  Recycle your top 5 posts for the month into an email newsletter.  The titles of the posts can simply click to each blog post.  Easy peasy.

*Your organization took photos at an event.  Recycle those photos (with permission of course!) on your Facebook page, as a blog post and send a email newsletter thanking everyone for attending the event then link to the web area where the photos are.  If the photos are used on your site, make sure the photos have smart names so they multi-task for search optimization.  An image named image 456.jpg (with numbers that don’t help tell a search engine what your photos is about) versus san-jose-lawyers-event.jpeg (using descriptive terms that say what the photo is) can help.

Here is the secret sauce to weave recycling into your web marketing plan:

Link, Sync, Recycle and Think!

Link your web pages to all your social media.  Link your email signature to your website, blog, social media.  Link your Facebook info to your website, blog, Twitter.  Make sure your blog links back to your website home page and to all social media.  Have your email newsletters link to your social media pages.  Sync your blog automagically to your Facebook page, Twitter account and LinkedIn account.  (How?  Go to Google and search “How to Link by Blog to ___”).  Recycle great content and remember content is not just text.  It can be photos, podcasts and video.  Lastly, THINK.  Te best technology you have is the 3 pound computer in your skull.  Use it.

Happy Recycling!